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Ugo Vittori
                                                                    UGO VITTORI: Chief Executive Officer and Detective par excellence
Ugo Vittori, born in 1960, is the founder and the CEO of Eagle Keeper Service Group srl, an investigation company operating on the market since 1999.
His professional career began in 1978 at the State Police, where he held positions of great responsibility, receiving countless approvals and commendations for the successes achieved and proved ability. In 1999 Ugo Vittori decided to make the most of his experience gained in the public sector becoming an entrepreneur, thus engaging in the acquisition of all knowledge and skills aimed at the entrepreneurship, management and business organization. He established the Eagle Keeper Service Group, a well-known investigation agency in Bologna that thanks to his spirit of sacrifice and his undisputed qualities of intelligence, becomes the market leader in the fight against the insurance fraud and against the crime in all its forms.
Holder of a regular license (civil and criminal), he worked first as an investigator and associate, as Chairman of the Board until 2009 and now he holds the position of CEO in Eagle Keeper Service Group; thanks to his know-how, multiannual experience and innate qualities of intelligence, perspicacity , investigative acumen, passion and  an intense dedication to his activity and his society, he works in years with the main insurance companies to fight against the insurance fraud, of which he is a pioneer and a real expert.
The values ​​at the basis of a personality as rich and acclaimed, that he gives to all his team, have made him a precious collaborator to the main Italian and foreign Authorities in investigations and intelligence activities in  many police operations.  He has been appointed as Auxiliary of PM and PG??? of various public offices in Italy, he has been a speaker at numerous conferences on insurance fraud and teacher during a training for the function of private detective; he has also been engaged as a trainer for anti-fraud offices of many insurance companies.
The principle that puts the "customer first" is the top priority of Ugo Vittori. "Customer satisfaction requires grounded skills in order to achieve successfully goals set, especially in a sensitive and complex area as that of a investigation company": this is the philosophy that has always been pursued by Ugo Vittori in his professional and entrepreneurial career.

Last but not least, Ugo Vittori also carries out a social activity, leveraging his expertise and experience, skillness and above all, an intense dedication and love for his work, and giving support to the fight against violence against women, the protection of minors, the search for missing persons.